Before we take a closer look at the Searching Profits Scams on this site, there are 2 things you should be aware of upfront:

  • You can certainly make money with binary options and in quite a short time! Some traders, who make their monthly income by trading Binary Options, can now effort things that they wouldn’t even dare to dream of before. However, “there are two sides to every coin”.
  • You can also lose money trading binary options

For all those who came across Binary Options for the 1st time, it’s worth mentioning, that you shouldn’t say right away: “I knew it!”, since that is a mistake, many interested, who are new to Binary Options trading make. Further down on this site, you’ll find out why it’s a mistake, to throw in the towel right away.

In the following section, we will focus on the Searching Profits Scams

How does Searching Profits work?

First of all, as a beginner with Binary Options trading , you should know exactly how Binary Options trading takes place. hence this is the part where Searching Profits still isn’t a scam.
If you want to trade Binary Options, you have several types of investments such as stocks, commodities, indices and currencies from which you can choose one or more to invest in. The next step would be, that you forecast the direction the underlying asset will hit and last but not least, you choose the investment amount for the particular trade.

Most Binary Options Broker have set a minimum of €/$/£15 – €/$/£25 per trade. Until then, the procedure is identical for nearly all Binary Options Brokers and it has nothing to do with unfair means or Scams of any kind.
Though what Searching Profits offers is simply Scam, because Searching Profits promises you an automated Binary Options trade with a success rate of over 90%.

Many who hear about this offer for the first time, tell yourself: “Great, I just need to set up this automated trading software and my account will be loaded with money on its own…” But that’s far from the truth!

This auto-trading software should use an algorithm that identifies trends, which it compares and analyses with upcoming events. The result of this analysis will be sent to your account promptly. Here exactly lies the problem, in the second where you get this result, the direction of the underlying asset you invested on, can already reverse, due to an unpredictable event that has occurred. Therefore, the prediction is already out of date.
Such automated trading software’s can be found all over the web, often offered for a flat fee or even free of charge. The problem with this automatic trading software’s is the algorithm. If this would really work 100% of the time, then one could predict the future so you had an instrument with which you would be rich overnight. Unfortunately, there is no such automated trading software…!
What there is in any case however, are professionally operating Broker. Keep your hands off automated trading and look for a reputable and regulated Broker!

The most reputable, trusted and regulated Broker in our opinion is BDSwiss!
BDSwiss provides new customers with everything necessary for a safe and successful entry into Trading:

    • EU regulated through CySEC and BDSwiss complies with regulatory capital requirements!
    • Personal account managers to assist your trading 24/7!
    • FREE Trading Academy – A series of exclusive FREE e-Course, Trading eBook, Interactive eBook!
    • V.O.D. Academy – Learn to trade binary options with ease by watching our exclusive binary options trading videos including binary options strategies for newbies and advanced traders!
    • Live Webminars!


  • Payouts of up to 81%!
  • 0% Commission, Zero spreads on trading commodities, indices, stocks our currencies!
  • Trading Platform for web, mobile and tablet!
  • State of the art trading features to maximize returns and minimize losses!
  • Constant promotions and competitions!
  • Free Trading Signals!
  • Weekend Trading with Cryptocurrencies

Open an FREE account with BDSwiss and learn how to make money!.

Forex Trading – Reputable Brokers

All that is written on this site is based on our personal experience combined with the knowledge of our professional team and we hope it opened your eyes in regards to automated trading software’s as Searching Profits which is clearly the leader of all scams out there.
What our expert team members can say with no doubt though, is the fact, that you can make profits with Forex Trading. Although, in order to make those potential profits per trade, you need a bit of knowledge and practice,
This is why you must have a reputable Broker as a partner on their side that will provide you with a comprehensive educational center, for newbies as well as for advanced traders.

AVA Trade offers newbies even a 1 to 1 personal trading to guide you through your 1st steps with Trading as well as an exclusive trading academy for free, as well as free Webinars!

This is how you, as a newbieת, definitely take advantage of those eBooks or video tutorials that are offered by reputable Binary Options Brokers, since this is worth gold and no money in the world can buy it. Experts as well as many traders who used those tools in the beginning, can confirm that.
Also you should not make your initial experiences with Forex Trading right away with a real money account reputable Broker offer you a demo account for this.
Put your knowledge into practice for free with a demo account, before so go to hunt for real profits. A demo account offers you the opportunity to get familiar with the trading software and its features properly and put your trading skills into test.

Trade Binary Options or FOREX with BDSwiss!

34 thoughts on “Searching Profits Scams

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  9. spscam

    can you prove it ?
    So for those who consider such a thing, we can only say one thing: be careful !
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  12. Mob

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    Too many similar success stories with too many similar details. Too technical for my liking.

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  16. Lisa Choa

    Thank you very much it was very helpful, I have experience in trading for more than 6 years , I tried already 24options, IQ options and ,BDB they were a big scam apparently they are manipulating their platform and our loses is their profits , and I saw a lot of bad reviews on them as well!
    currently im trading with BinaryTilt , I saw they are regulated under the government so far so good , no bad reviews and a really licensed brokers . Ive made a bit of profit hope to make more feels good , thank you again .

  17. admin

    We don’t recommend EZTrader along with all its auto-trading systems like searchingprofits, optionnavigator etc. is a total scam! You should trade with a reputable binary option broker like 24Option or choose one of our recommendation list here

  18. terry davies

    After reading all notes & feed back , most people think its a scam, but if you trade on the right trade then you are quids in.

  19. richard

    More fool you lot, if it were true, everyone would be doing it, read up, do your homework before you part with your hard earned, hard to come by cash

  20. Paul Stee

    Total scam. I put $300 in. now down to $200, can not contact searching profits, emails all come back. Its a scam.

    LOL, another one.

  21. Bruce

    I have used several Binary Option platforms and agree that 24 Options is one of the best, including that they offer a free demonstration account. One major factor however is that the demonstration account is NOT a true reflection of the live account. The demonstration account is biased in favor of the trader such that he or she will gain confidence winning on the demonstration account, only to then lose all his or her money on the live account.

  22. Fred

    Yep – I place 9 trades – only 4 were successful – now about £45 down. You really need to know what you are doing – a bit like driving a car without any lesson (unwise)

  23. Jo

    Well started trading today, so far lost £100, not all its cracked up to be!!!! Not sure how people make thousands, maybe I’m just an unlucky person!!!

  24. admin

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  26. felix dehavilland

    I am a newby and want to swat up on this binary trading are there any sort of tutorials that are available to do that ? regards felix

  27. admin

    In order to receive your profits from binary option brokers you need to send documents so they can verify your account. The processing time of the payments usually depends on the payment method you choose and may vary from one method to another. In case you choose an electronic payment method the transaction time can vary from seconds to days, whereby a direct bank wire can take up to 45 business days.

  28. shyam

    if i put some money to trade and make a profit , can I take this money straight away as to credit it in my bank account?

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