Binary Options Trading Strategies

Binary Options Trading Strategies

Binary Options Trading Strategies

Trading in binary options presents you with a viable way to make money online; however, it is not without pitfalls. Successful trading requires an element of skill. The levels of risk involved in binary trading are significantly high owing to its all-or-nothing nature.
To earn regular profits, keep your finger on the pulse by religiously perusing the latest financial news and market data. It is necessary to develop viable binary options trading strategies that eliminate emotions in the decision making process.
Whilst there is no secret formula to earning repeated profits, having a balanced strategy puts you in a position to enter countless winning trades. One of the easiest ways to maximizing profits as a beginner is to take full advantage of bonuses offered by binary option brokers.
Most binary trading platforms offer various bonuses based on the type of account held. The most common variant is the welcome bonus given to new members immediately after making a deposit.

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Binary Options Trading Basics

It is possible to enjoy winning trades by taking positions based on various currency pairs. The trick is to keep an eye on market events, which have an effect on the currency fluctuations. React quickly once you identify a developing trend.
In some cases, you may need to take advantage of early exit trades, which allow you to exit open positions mid-trade if you predict an adverse change of direction. You must avoid making trading decisions based on gossip and carefully select the types of sites where you gather tips – only rely on reputable sites.
Trading in binary options has the capacity to generate up 92% profit. However, many binary option brokers claim to offer options with a potential for much higher profit margins. To prevent withdrawal fees from making a dent on your profits, opt for trading platforms offering lower fees.
In some cases, zero fees are available to traders opening premium accounts, which require higher minimum deposits. Making debit/credit card deposits is a cost-effective way of reducing banking fees, and thus maximizing your earnings.
Avoid using money transfer systems, such as Western Union or MoneyGram because they gobble a huge chunk of your earnings.

Viable Binary Options Trading Strategies

Another viable way of making guaranteed profit once your trades reach a particular point is to use the One Touch option. This route ensures that when the value of the underlying asset touches a predetermined level, your position closes in-the-money regardless of further changes in direction.
Many binary options trading platforms offer this type of option.
One of the most popular strategies involves opening two trades in different directions (both call and put). You should then sell the call option to benefit from both. However, you must stay glued to your computer screen every half hour of trading.
This binary options strategy is effective when implemented in Option+ mode available at Anyoption:

  • Buy the call option first followed by the put option
  • From this stage, you need to track the market developments to identify the overall direction of the asset’s price
  • Promptly sell the option that is going against the trend to minimise losses
  • From this point, you monitor the progress of the second option; sell it as soon as there is a sign of a sustained negative change of direction
  • The profit you make should cover for the losses suffered by the other option and this leaves you with a small or huge profit depending on market fluctuations

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