Double Up Strategy

Double Up Strategy

Double Up Strategy

Before digging deeper into the Double Up Strategy, we would like to mention that Binary Options Trading involves a high risk and that past results are NOT an indicator for future outcomes!
After experimenting with several binary options trading strategies we eventually have come to the conclusion that the Double Up Strategy is the Binary option Strategy that generates the highest profits.
We use the Double Up Strategy for the past 14 months with great success, which is why we decided to share it with our readers so you can benefit from making lots of profits.

How does the Double Up Strategy work?

We tested the Double Up Strategy with several trustworthy Binary Options Brokers but eventually chose Anyoption for this Binary Options Strategy, based on their innovative trading platform, their rapid withdrawal process and most important – their high returns.
You can certainly test this Binary Option Strategy with any other Binary Option Broker but make sure you choose a reputable and regulated Binary Options Broker who you can rely on.
In order to implement the Double Up Strategy, there is no need for you to have any financial background, any type of experience in the markets or high amounts of money, to get started. The Double Up Strategy is suitable for beginners as well as advanced traders.
The only thing you are required to do is to predict if the direction of the underlying asset you decided upon will go up or down in the next 60 minutes.
The basic rule of the Double Up Strategy is that you must constantly stick to your initial prediction on the same underlying asset, same direction, and on each position you take, you double your investment.
No matter should the asset go in the opposite direction of your forecast, you must carry forward in the same direction. Although this might sound risky to you, but the Double Up Strategy has a proven track record of success. After all it’s like jumping up and down – whatever goes up, has to go down (also the other way around).
You need to have confidence when using this Binary Option Strategy and continuously invest in the same direction – at the end; the odds are to your advantage. The only thing you must follow is to trust blindly in your initial prediction until the option expires after 60 minutes.

Double Up Strategy – Follow the Example

Let’s say you predict that the currency pair EUR/USD price will go down after 60 minutes. As you can see in the screenshot below, the graph is showing a downward trend therefore, you have to buy a Put option (hence you bet on the asset price to go down) and you invested €100 on this particular trade.
In case that the asset’s price moved down you made a profit but should it be the other way around, remember that with the Double Up Strategy you must keep on investing in the same direction of your initial prediction!

Double Up strategy profitline 1

From the screenshot below you can see, that the trend kept on moving in the opposite direction than your initial prediction. Currently you must think that you lost you’re the €100 you invested, at this point you must buy one more Put Option but now you have to double your investment meaning that now you invest €200 on this trade.

Double Up strategy profitline 2

As you can see, the asset maintained his opposite trend of your prediction. Nevertheless, hence you have to confide in the Double Up Strategy, this time you will have to buy another Put Option for double the price of your previous investment. This means that this time you invest €400 on this trade.

Double Up strategy profitline 3

Because we used AnyOption for this example which is giving you up to 25% refund on losses, up to this point you have lost €95 from your initial investment and €190 from the 2nd once which makes a total of €285 from both trades.
The 3rd trade though was correct – so you made a profit of €720 on your €400 investment.
So until now it seems like I might lose a total of £285 from my 2 investments, (£95 on the first + £190 on second position since at anyoption there’s up to 25% refund on each incorrect trade).
The third investment of £400 is correct – so I got a return of £720 on this investment.
Currently you made a total profit of €435. You can keep on going up to the point where you are happy with the amount of money you made and stop there.
In the meantime, all of your 3 trades remained open and as you can see in the screenshot below, the asset direction has changed so all of your 3 investments have expired above the expiry level.

You just made a profit of €1260 in less than 60 minutes!

Double Up strategy profitline 4

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